Rare anomaly: Iranian boy was born without a penis

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 Rare anomaly: Iranian boy was born without a penis

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The medical world is shocked by a rare case: an Iranian boy was born without a penis.

The condition of an unidentified boy, medically called afallia, is so rare that it is believed to occur only one in 30 million newborns. Less than 100 cases have been reported in the medical literature.

The child, who was 14 months old when his case was published in the journal, still had an intact scrotum and two testicles. Despite this, the boy urinated through his anus due to his anomaly.

The doctors who reported the incident stated that the boy was born in a normal condition. His mother also had no problems.

Usually, in the case of aphallia, doctors perform phalloplasty. However, in the case of the Iranian boy, the Daily Mail reports, the doctors recommended sex reassignment and feminization surgery to create a “vagina.” They also recommended estrogen therapy during the boy's puberty.

reported whether the boy was going to have a feminization operation.

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