Rapper Morgenstern in Russia recognized as a foreign agent

 Rapper Morgenstern was recognized as a foreign agent in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Justice has included the popular rapper Morgenstern in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent.

According to the department, the musician was engaged in political activities, while receiving funding from "Yoola Labs Ltd" (Israel) and from Ukraine.

In addition, the following foreign agents were recognized as foreign media:

Lyubov Sobol, Alexei Navalny's associate;
Vladimir Milov, another close associate of Navalny;
political scientist Leonid Gozman;
political scientist Boris Kagarlitsky;
human rights organization “Apology”;
blogger and journalist Mikhail Klimarev;
editor-in-chief of the educational project “Greenhouse of social technologies” ; Natalya Baranova;
Denis Konstantinov (probably referring to the editor-in-chief of Orel News).

Now there are 158 positions in this list. The list of foreign agents was updated on the department's website on Friday evening. Morgenstern , Lyubov Sobol and Vladimir Milov are now abroad.

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