Rapper beaten and robbed of his fans: “punishment for molestation”

Рэпер избил и ограбил своих фанатов: «в наказание за назойливость»

Russian rapper cruelly with his fans, leaving them with bruises and no gamers

In Siberia, performer, rap, fought back from the fans as he could.

The incident occurred in the city of Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region). The police said two young men, who complained about the illegal actions of his idol. He allegedly beat them and in addition cleaned up the pockets. The victims lost their two thousand and two mobile phones.

Рэпер избил и ограбил своих фанатов: «в наказание за назойливость»

As militiamen found out, robbed fans of musical creativity in one of city night clubs. The fans came back on reperki concert of your favorite singer. After the speech, they approached the contractor and asked for a joint photo and autographs.

Or 19-year-old star was not in the spirit, or the fans are too Intrusive and annoying ( and the singer just says the latter), but the stars (pardon the tautology) have converged so that the fans got a good.

The rapper has dealt them some blows, and then took the most valuable thing turned out to be the victims.

The house the singer was discovered the phones of the hapless fans. And the money, as usual, the performer managed to squander and, of course, spent it all on alcohol.

From crime the actor is not unlocked, and said that robbed fans of “punishment for molestation”.

Now hot-tempered rapper’s police.

As previously reported, the Heist MP pleased with the Ukrainians. In Kiev unknown robbed the apartment of Ukrainian parliamentarian Viktor Krivenko. The incident was reported by the individual MP in his personal Facebook.

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“Robbed the apartment. Endured even the cross, in which children are baptized. Bastards”, he said.

Рэпер избил и ограбил своих фанатов: «в наказание за назойливость»

In addition, the Deputy accompanied the message with photo, which shows the consequences of the crime. Daring robbers turned “upside down” almost everything – things are just scattered on the floor.

However, Ukrainians reacted ambiguously to the incident. Someone decided to support the Deputy and noted that the victim of hackers could be anyone.

While others scoffed at the Deputy and even offered to reward thieves with the order for what he did.

We will remind, in Kharkov the pensioner became a victim of “public utilities”.

As reported Politeka, Krivoy Rog robbed a Bank.

Also Politeka wrote that the bandits brutally beat and robbed a family of a famous Ukrainian.

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