Ramot Junction attack: Terrorist charged

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 Ramot Junction Attack: Terrorist Charged

An indictment has been filed in the Jerusalem District Court against a terrorist who attacked at Ramot Junction last month.

The terrorist turned out to be 45-year-old Ismail Namar. He was charged with attempted murder of a Jew, Haruts Sheva reports.

According to the indictment, the injured Israeli was wearing a kippah and a white shirt, which allowed him to be identified as a religious Jew. He was traveling by bus from Givat Zeev to Jerusalem.

At some point along the way, Ismail Namar pulled out a screwdriver, rushed to the Jew, and began to strike, shouting "Allah Akbar".

The driver braked, the victim tried to run out of the bus. The terrorist pushed him onto the pavement and continued his attack while the Jew struggled.

A passer-by who noticed this threw a stone at the terrorist, causing him to stop hitting the Jew. Another passerby shouted at the terrorist to stop approaching him, but the terrorist continued, after which the man shot at the attacker.

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