Rammstein singer publishes collection of poetry

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Rammstein singer publishes collection of poetry

“Silent Nights” will be released on October 7th.

Till Lindemann on Red Square in Moscow – AFP

A priori, the link between Rammstein and poetry is not obvious. And yet! Till Lindemann, singer of the Berlin group, has already published several collections in German. For the first time, it is translated into French.

“Silent Nights”, which will be released on October 7 from Iconopop (collection of L’Iconoclaste editions), is a translation by Emma Wolff of a collection published in 2013 in Germany under the title “In stillen Nächten”. This is the singer’s second collection.

And to continue in this blue flower vein, Till Lindemann is the surprise guest of the new album of… Zaz. He sings there, in French and German, on the title “Le Jardin des larmes”, the clip of which should be released soon.

Finally, Lindemann, who was recently arrested in Russia for violating immigration laws – he claimed to come as a tourist when he shot a music video and performed in concert – will soon be releasing a album under his own name. The “Ich Hasse Kinder” (“I Hate Children”) tire has already been leaked. As for Rammstein, the group has finished recording a new album during confinement and will be back on the stadium roads in the summer of 2022. It will notably pass through Ostend on August 3 and 4.

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