Rammstein introduced the “mini-movie” on a new song. Video

Rammstein представила «мини-фильм» на новую песню. Видео

The group continues to excite the imagination.

German band Rammstein has released a video for another song from the new album, which was released a little over a week ago, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

Rammstein continues to excite the minds and imagination of fans. Following the release of the first 10 years of the album with the image match on the cover, the group again presented a new video clip, but rather a mini-movie for the song Ausländer (Foreigner).

This time the group invited to discuss the history of the discovery of new lands and the imposition of their own culture.

One of the characters Marvel was accused of excessive feminism. Video

We remind that in March 2019 the group after a long silence, has submitted a video for the song Deutshland, which has caused a mixed reaction. Even after posting the teaser to the clip Rammstein was accused of anti-Semitism.

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