Ramallah dissatisfied with results of Blinken's visit

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 Ramallah dissatisfied with results of Blinken's visit

Palestinians are dissatisfied with the results of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's visit to the PA.

According to Media Line, Palestinians say that Blinken's visit did not solve real problems.

“What we have seen and heard is déjà vu. We have heard about it so many times already. It is clear that the American administration can do little while it is so biased towards the Israeli side and so weak in its steps. I don't think it could play a constructive role in this region,” said Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the PLO Executive Committee.

Barghouti continued, “The two-state solution is either dead or about to die mainly due to Israeli settlement activities. If this administration were serious about a two-state solution, she would say she would impose sanctions on Israel if it didn't immediately stop its settlement activity. Especially in the presence of this most racist, most extremist fascist government in Israel.”

As a result, dozens of Palestinians gathered to oppose Blinken's visit.

“We're standing here to tell Blinken to stop this biased support for Israel, which has been unconditional for years. We're trying to tell him that you are ignoring the right of the Palestinian people to survive, to their country, to their freedom,” said Jamila Abed, a resident of Ramallah.

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