Railway bridge collapsed in Russia

 Railway bridge collapsed in Russia

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A damaged section of the railway was found in the Kursk region. Russia is using it to transfer troops to Ukraine. The region's governor has announced this.

It is not yet known whether the railroad tracks were deliberately damaged or collapsed due to weather conditions. Emergency services are working on the spot. Local authorities confirmed that the branch line was used for “freight trains”.

“Today, at about 11:20 am, a partial collapse of the bridge structures was discovered on the 67th kilometer of the Sudzha-Sosnovy Bor railway. Now special services are working on the spot to establish the causes of the emergency. The railway line was used for the movement of freight trains. There were no casualties. Nothing threatens the life and health of citizens,” the official said.

The damaged tracks are located near the Ukrainian border in the direction of Kharkov, where active battles between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Russian Armed Forces continue.

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