“Raging” attack on people in the suburbs of Haifa: indicted

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 Frenzied attack on people in Haifa suburb: indicted

The Haifa District Court has indicted a man accused of assaulting passers-by in Kiryat Yam, a suburb of Haifa. A resident of the city was detained two weeks ago after he, armed with a fork, knife and scissors, attacked random people on the street. The suspect has been charged with assault and bodily harm. One of the residents told police that he was walking to a supermarket when he ran into a man. “He held scissors and a knife threateningly in his hand, and without any reason or provocation on my part, threw stones at me and punched me. He was furious. He tried to hit me. Luckily, I ran away from him,” an eyewitness told the police. Several people were taken to the hospital. And the suspect, meanwhile, could not give an intelligible answer about his motives.

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