Rabbinate official arrested on suspicion of sex crimes against young nanny

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 Rabbinate official arrested on suspicion of sex crimes against a young nanny < /p>

A Jerusalem rabbi, a high-ranking rabbi in the state rabbinate, is arrested by the police following a complaint from the daughter of a close friend and subordinate who, as a teenager, babysat his children. A 27-year-old young woman accuses her father's former boss of multiple acts of sexual violence committed against her ten years ago.

Before going to the police, the young woman spoke to the rabbi, he did not deny the deed and asked her forgiveness. The recording of this conversation served as confirmation of the victim's complaint. against a 14-year-old girl, Ynet reported.
The police confirmed the arrest and said they would ask the court to extend the warrant for the rabbi's detention.

This is not the first time the venerable Jerusalem rabbi has been arrested for on suspicion of committing serious crimes of a sexual nature.

In April, prominent Jerusalem rabbi Moshe Yazdi was arrested on suspicion of systematic sexual violence.

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