Rabbi Dov Lior's car set on fire in Beit Orot

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 Rabbi Dov Lior's car burned in Beit Orot

An unidentified Arab attempted to set fire to a house in the Beit Orot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Damage was caused to the building and cars in the parking lot. One of the burnt cars turned out to belong to Rabbi Dov Lior, Arutz Sheva reports.

Religious Zionist Knesset member Orit Struk reacted to the incident.

in Jerusalem's Beit Orot neighborhood, repeated terrorist arson attempts succeeded – Rabbi Lior's car was burned,” she wrote.

In her post, Orit Struk also addressed Homeland Security Minister Omer Bar Lev and the former head of Lahav 433: “Maybe you are still mobilizing some forces to save lives?”.

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