R Kelly sees her official YouTube channels deleted

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R Kelly sees her official YouTube channels deleted

YouTube has removed R. Kelly’s official channels. Since Tuesday, October 5, the channels in question have been inaccessible to the public.

“The account was terminated for violating Youtube’s terms of service”. This is the message that can be read on RKelly TV and RKellyVevo. The two official channels of the artist RnB are terminated by the video hosting web platform. The vice president of the legal department of the platform justified this decision by the fact that the fame and status of R. Kelly were the main elements used by the accused to sexually abuse women and girls. “The flagrant actions of R. Kelly justify sanctions beyond the measures usually applied because of the possibility of causing widespread damage”. Nicole Alston expresses the proactivity of her employers by saying: “Ultimately, we take this step to protect our users in the same way as on other platforms.”She ends by informing that“R. Kelly will no longer be able to use, own or create YouTube channels”.

The list of losses caused by this conviction of September 27, 2021 by a New York court is therefore growing. After losing the keys to Baton Rouge, Kelly finds herself without her channels and her 5 million subscribers. He is also prohibited from creating other channels. For the moment, his works have not completely disappeared. They are available on the paid streaming service YouTube Music.

Kelly on the trail of the dinosaurs

We could soon speak of the author of the hit “I Believe I Can Fly” as a legend who left no trace. The immortality of artists is threatened on the side of the condemned. Kenyette Tisha Barnes, pioneer of the #muteRKelly campaign is putting pressure on Spotify, AppleMusic AmazonMusic and many other music distribution platforms to follow YouTube’s lead.

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