Quiet and terrible Omicron: what scientists know about this strain

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 Silent and terrible Omicron: what scientists know about this strain

The world has been trying to make sense of the Delta strain of the coronavirus for a long time, when a new one appeared – Omicron, which can spread even faster than its predecessors.

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The first reports of a new strain of COVID B.1.1.529 called Omicron came from the South African authorities on November 24, 2021. There have been three huge outbreaks in South Africa, the last of which was caused mainly by the Delta variant of the coronavirus. But in recent days there has been a sharp outbreak of infections coinciding with the discovery of a new strain.

The new strain may spread even faster than its predecessors, according to the WHO. coronavirus symptoms such as fatigue and heart palpitations. In addition, those infected may experience fever and body aches, but loss of smell and taste is not typical for this strain.

What is interesting is that the patients did not experience complications, and new symptoms were more common in younger patients than in older ones.

Although the new strain of COVID has not yet been fully understood, there are several factors causing concern. Omicron has a large number of new mutations. For example, a mutation known as N501Y makes the virus more contagious, and with each new iteration, the spread of infection increases even more.

In addition, scientists do not yet know how much vaccines are available. effective against the Omicron strain. The WHO is looking into whether Omicron has any resistance to available vaccines, but they are confident that vaccination will still at least give you a better chance of fighting COVID without dying.

The world's leading vaccine development labs Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer are working on new vaccines and developing strategies to deal with potential new strains that will inevitably emerge as so many people still refuse to get vaccinated.

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