QUEST PISTOLS – hooligans in Tel Aviv

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 QUEST PISTOLS – Hooligans in Tel Aviv

A grand reunion will take place in Tel Aviv on September 22! Ukrainian group QUEST PISTOLS will give only one concert with their golden line-up! Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goryuk and Konstantin Borovsky will take the stage together at the Tel Aviv venue B-Side By Zappa.
Who are the QUEST PISTOLS? Why is everyone dancing at their concerts?

 QUEST PISTOLS – hooligans in Tel- Avive

Maybe the secret is in the date of formation of this unique team? Not every group will dare to announce the start of activities on April 1st. But judging by the fact that 15 years have passed since the formation of the QUEST PISTOLS, this was not a mistake, but a subtle calculation.
According to music experts, this is a group that was not influenced by anyone, and which formed spontaneously without the intervention of producers. This is a group that has turned the public's ideas about how to make a show. This is a group whose work – not the well-forgotten old, but the new, which was so lacking. QUEST PISTOLS are called provocateurs by many, and even if this is not true, the band members are in no hurry to give a refutation. “They go through life laughing. Their philosophy – humor. Lyrics of their songs – reflection of their philosophy” – once wrote about them one music portal, and he was right.

 QUEST PISTOLS – hooligans in Tel Aviv

How did the band start? From the Ukrainian TV show “CHANCE”, on the air of which on April 1, 2007, the guys sang, although everyone expected from them, as always, incendiary dances. Having received 60,000 votes from viewers, QUEST PISTOLS began their dance and vocal marathon, which continues to this day.
Bold dances, witty shows, unusual lyrics – all this makes the group absolutely unique in the history of show business.
So, meet the golden composition of QUEST PISTOLS. Anton Savlepov – captain, bully, charismatic. Konstantin Borovsky – man-orchestra, man-plastic, artist, generator of ideas. Nikita Goryuk – dancer, songwriter, engine.

 QUEST PISTOLS – hooligans in Tel Aviv

QUEST PISTOLS – an example of how an April Fool's joke can stay with the viewer for many years, transform according to the time and not lose relevance. There are many components to their success: unusual style, mysterious tattoos, stunning energy and angelic appearance, as well as unique songs, dances and an amazing show.
Get ready to dance until you drop and sing your favorite songs with the band members!
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