Queens or Spears? | THE UNIVERSAL

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Queens or Spears? | THE UNIVERSAL

Here each year that passes, the festivities of November 11 are adulterated, due to the so-called revitalization. They have gradually lost their essence, thus disfiguring their traditions. The news published in The universal (24.9.2021), in which they point out that there have been no inscriptions to what has always been called the Popular Reign since 1937, indicates that the new name, “We are Community Lanceras” is the last screw that was missing to finish the Frankenstein they have created, thus falsifying our folklore. The town already has a costume, which will personify this creature, which will symbolize the mutations it has reached.

How so from now on will they be called Lancers? Since childhood, Colombian women have always wanted to be queens between their childhood, adolescence and youth yearnings, consciously or unconsciously. It is a recurring dream. And it has been that desire, the reason why in the country the reigns with the most unlikely names have been created, ranging from the potato, through that of mango, panela, coconut, guava, yucca, totumo, even get to the soup. A good reason for an anthropological and sociological study.

In this eagerness to revitalize, the festivities have become a tuttifrutti. The novembrinos preludes were called at the time gozones; the novembrinas parties, carnivals; the traditional Battle of Flores, Folkloric and Artistic Parade; and the Popular Reign, they called it Reign of Independence, and now, We are Community Lanceras.

All this has happened having the Board of Directors as a stone guest. The name and his reasons did not arrive for his VB, which is the instance where what had to be approved or disapproved of what was agreed in the District Council of Culture. Let us not forget that the CDC develops the objectives of promoting and making recommendations, monitoring, suggesting, conceptualizing or advising, but in no case to approve, an attribution that corresponds to the Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of Agreement 001 of 2003.

That the communal boards asked for that, so that the candidates that they support, jointly work in the community tasks that they develop, is very good, but for this there is no need to change any name, or try to end as a tradition that has been 84 years. Simply make an act of intent in which it is indicated that the candidates will provide support to the board in the social tasks that they require.

The clamor of public opinion in general is that, in the absence of registrations for the call, the contest “We are Lanceras Comunitarias” be declared void, and that it return to the original name of Reinado Popular, a title that for more than eight decades has led the event of the beauty of the Cartagena people.


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