Queen Elizabeth II was left overnight in the hospital

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Queen Elizabeth II was left overnight in the hospital

Elizabeth II & # 8212; an infrequent guest in the hospital.

The Queen of Great Britain was in the hospital on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, October 20-21. Elizabeth II returned to Windsor Castle supposedly in a good mood, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

Elizabeth II was in the hospital

The stay of the British queen in the hospital was reported by Buckingham Palace. Because of a night in the hospital of King Edward, 95-year-old Elizabeth II canceled a planned trip to Northern Ireland.

Her Majesty's stay in the hospital is allegedly not associated with a possible coronavirus disease, or with a deterioration in well-being. It was just an examination by specialists.

The queen stayed in the hospital overnight & # 171; for practical reasons & # 187 ;. Doctors advised Elizabeth II to rest more, but she did not take this advice very favorably.

After a doctor's advice on a few days of rest, the queen visited the hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary examinations, and today returned to Windsor Castle at lunchtime and remains in good spirits, the palace said.

Elizabeth II was upset that she could not visit Northern Ireland. However, as early as Thursday, October 21, she returned to her duties.

Note that the Queen for the first time in 8 years visited the hospital. The last time she was there was when she developed symptoms of gastroenteritis in 2013.

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