Queen Elizabeth II, 95, will have to quit drinking

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95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II will have to quit drinking

Doctors demand that the Queen give up alcohol.

Insiders from Buckingham Palace say that the head of the British throne is in the evenings he likes to drink champagne and martini. Doctors are worried about the negative impact of alcohol on the health of the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who will turn 96 in April 2022, received a recommendation from doctors to stop drinking alcohol.

According to the publication, doctors justified their recommendation with concerns for the health of the monarch, whose diet usually included a portion of dry martini before dinner and sometimes a glass of champagne before bed.

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked at court from 1982 to 1993, earlier Elizabeth II preferred to drink & # 171; sweet German wine & # 187; at dinner.

A friend of the royal family, who is quoted the publication, on condition of anonymity in a conversation with reporters, suggested that refusing alcohol would not be a serious problem for the head of the monarchy, since she never drank it in large quantities.

& # 171; But it seems a little unfair that at this stage of her life she has to give up one of the few pleasures & # 187 ;, – the insider shared his opinion.

The journalists recalled that the relatives of Elizabeth II – Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and the sister of the current monarch – Princess Margaret – drank alcohol often and in fairly large quantities. The first of them preferred a cocktail of gin and the French aperitif Dubonnet.

As for Princess Margaret, she, according to the country's famous chef, restaurateur and TV host Gordon Ramsay, in the late 1990s visited his restaurant, where for three hours I drank whiskey and smoked a lot, which is why I had to change the ashtray every few minutes.

& # 171; I was very surprised that in the end she still tried my signature pudding & # 187 ;, – said Ramzi.

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