Queen consort Camilla refused the ladies-in-waiting

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 Queen Consort Camilla gave up her ladies-in-waiting

British Queen Consort Camilla ended the tradition of having ladies-in-waiting. She will now be assisted by the so-called “companions of the Queen”.

In addition to the name update, the six female assistants will be less frequent than the ladies-in-waiting. This is reported by the Air Force.

will not involve correspondence or administration.

The replacement of the role of the lady-in-waiting will put an end to a characteristic of court life dating back to the Middle Ages, when such close personal assistants to the queen often came from aristocratic families and sometimes became involved in court intrigues.< br />
"Companions of the Queen" will support the Queen at official events and not participate in answering letters or day-to-day planning. They will not receive a salary, but their expenses will be covered.

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