Queen Cersei from “Game of thrones” shocked face without makeup

Королева Серсея из "Игры престолов" шокировала лицом без макияжа

Famous actress Lena heady has amazed fans with his face without makeup

The actress, known to many for her role as Queen Cersei from “Game of thrones” landed in the scandal that brought down criticism on their haters.

On the eve of the Hidi decided to share with subscribers of your new Instagram video. It is a 45-year-old actress appeared in a relaxed atmosphere on Board the plane without a gram of makeup on her face.

It is worth noting that some users such natural beauty was not to the liking: people are bombarded with her comments in the spirit of “Shame” and “Please don’t shoot yourself without make-up”.

Королева Серсея из "Игры престолов" шокировала лицом без макияжа

It should be noted that Hidi is not left out and snapped the haters.

“I will continue to go without makeup. Go fuck” she said.

Королева Серсея из "Игры престолов" шокировала лицом без макияжа

We will remind, earlier it was reported that actress Lena heady gave her ex-husband, hell, he is forced to ask for money from passers-by.

We will remind that 39-year-old hairdresser Peter Loran divorced 44-year-old star of “Game of thrones” Lina Hidi in 2013 after six years of marriage. For several years he waged a bitter struggle in court with ex-wife, but the result was disastrous for Peter: he stayed on the street with a huge debt lawyer.

To somehow make ends meet, the man who in 2007 worked as a stylist in Hollywood and led the life of a millionaire, is forced to beg. It can often be seen on the street earning a living by playing a battered guitar. Friends have created for Peter’s page on the crowdfunding site Go Fund Me to help him to pay for the services of a lawyer.

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“Peter has spent all their savings over the past few years. He had a hard share, he is now broke. From the life of a millionaire in Hollywood, he slipped into a life on the Dole in Leeds” — quotes the edition of The Sun the words of the insider.

However, not all so sad in the life of a former husband of the star. Edition of the Daily Mail, it became known that now he is Dating Hawaiian model Makoy Sugi. Blog beauty you can find full of tenderness and admiration comments Lorena. Friends say, that Poppy reciprocates his feelings a long time ago and don’t care about the level of prosperity of the beloved.

Recall the “Game of thrones” again on the screen appeared the first promo of the famous series.

As reported Politeka, star of “Game of thrones” reveal another secret.

Also Politeka wrote that the star of “Game of thrones” has mutilated himself beyond recognition.

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