Quebec health emergency: PCR tests have become a luxury

 Qu├ębec Health Emergency: PCR tests become a luxury

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Quebec stops mass testing of the population for coronavirus due to the overload of the healthcare system amid the outbreak of the Omicron strain.

According to CBC, the authorities have decided to provide PCR tests only to citizens who are at high risk, such as the elderly in nursing homes, prisons and homeless shelters and others.

Almost 47,000 people last Tuesday did a PCR test. Laboratories are simply not able to withstand such an influx of people who want to be tested for coronavirus.

“We can only do about 30,000 tests a day, and last week we had almost 60,000 tests a day,” – said Dr. Marie-France Reynaud.

The Ministry of Health urged all citizens to take, if possible, rapid testing for coronavirus. If this is not possible, then Quebecers will have to go into quarantine if they show symptoms.

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