“Quarter 95” announced the decision of the main problems of Ukrainians: “Close to everyone”

"Квартал 95" озвучил решение главной проблемы украинцев: "Близка каждому"

“Quarter 95” came up with the solution to one of the most important problems of Ukraine, which is close to every citizen

Corresponding post published on the page “Kvartal 95” in the social network.

“In our country a lot of problems. But there is one that is close to everyone”, — stated in the message.

Note that on the published footage shows an excerpt from the TV series “servant of the People”, which shows why Ukraine has no good roads. However, Zelensky quickly finds a solution – he gives twice less money and time.

“Quickly and efficiently” — he said while interacting with the so-called Minister of infrastructure.

As previously reported, the legal consultant of “Kvartal 95” Ivan Bakanov confirmed that the firm associated with Vladimir Zelensky received the money in Russia

But, in his opinion, this is not surprising because we are talking about royalty.

According to Bakanova, firm “green films” receives in Russia the so-called royalties — that is, funds for the use of the products of authorship including Zelensky, which was made prior to 2014.

"Квартал 95" озвучил решение главной проблемы украинцев: "Близка каждому"

The lawyer has let know that in Russia quite often show the films produced by scenarios Zelensky.

“Unfortunately, these contracts are to 2021-2023 years. It is the contracts relate to the royalties the company receives for the films in 2010-2014 “, — he said. Bakanov also stated that “Kvartal 95” is not able to close these companies allegedly because of the need for personal presence of artists in Russia for this.

“We would like these companies to close, but unfortunately we do not have this capability, because I can’t go there yourself. This task on the closure of the company was delivered, but against Wladimir, against the “Quarter” in Russia opened a criminal case, and to come back not possible “, — he said.

The lawyer said that the journalists who reported the existence of these firms confuse the terms “business” and “presence of company.”

"Квартал 95" озвучил решение главной проблемы украинцев: "Близка каждому"

Recall that the Ukrainian humorist and actor Vladimir Zelensky openly talked about his little dream.

Also Politeka reported that Vladimir Zelensky told about his unforgettable memories of the summer holidays. “A vacation that was great. First tasted what it feels like to kayak, however, he had a curiosity, ” he said.

As previously wrote Politeka known Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky said about the tragedy that happened in the team “95 Quarter”.

Roads in the country — “servant of the people”

In our country a lot of problems, but there is one that is close to everyone…

Gepostet von Studio “Kvartal 95” am Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

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