Quarantine in Ukraine will be extended for the month: to what number will be limits

Карантин в Україні продовжено на місяць: до якого числа діятимуть обмеження

The quarantine will end on 3 April.
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The government introduced in Ukraine a state of emergency for a month. Accordingly, the quarantine, which should prevent the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, is also extended by 30 days.

This decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting on March 25. The introduction of emergency gives the authorities the ability to organize sanitary-epidemiological activities, to carry out evacuation, to enhance the protection of public order, suspend the operation of enterprises.

In contrast to the state of emergency, state of emergency limits constitutional rights and freedoms of people. “Please do not confuse emergency emergency. It does not restrict constitutional rights, but only consolidates efforts,” – said the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal.

Statistics continue to deteriorate… So we continue the quarantine and imposed emergency in the state of Ukraine in all areas for 30 days – up to 24 April 2020 – said Smigel.

The Government said that today’s decision due to the fact that the cases COVID-19 have been discovered in 13 regions and the city of Kiev. In General, in Ukraine confirmed 113 cases of a coronavirus. However, the head of government added that if we can overcome the coronavirus earlier than a month, the Cabinet of Ministers will adopt a new decision. We remind you the rules of the quarantine:

Additionally, the Ministers decided:

  • properly equip checkpoints in the zones of emergency with mandatory sanitary inspection of citizens and to pass only after medical examination of persons and disinfection of vehicles;
  • to involve these points in employees and technical equipment, Ministry of health, Natpac, national guard, gschs, Derepressible;
  • thoroughly disinfected ASI premises, roads and pavements;
  • to assist vulnerable segments of the population with the involvement of social workers, community and volunteer organizations for assistance.

Recall quarantine started in Ukraine on March 12 and was to last until April 3rd.

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