QLP: Alexandre Taillefer interested to succeed Couillard

PLQ: Alexandre Taillefer intéressé à succéder à Couillard

Alexandre Taillefer is interested in succeeding Philippe Couillard at the head of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP).

In telephone interview to The canadian Press on Thursday, the business man and president of the electoral campaign of the liberal has not hidden his ambition to become the next leader of the PLQ.

“It could be something I’ll consider, definitely,” commented Mr. Taillefer.

This is the first time that the businessman also displays clearly in its colours.

Interested to be a successor to Philippe Couillard, yes, but not at any price, hastens to add the ancient Dragon, owner of Teo Taxi and the magazine The news, already ready to set out its terms and conditions.

In summary, it will consider as a candidate only if two conditions are met : the leadership race will not take place before two years and the party will have a process here where a refoundation major.

Otherwise, if the party does not share his vision of things, it will turn, “it is very clear”.

In fact, Mr. Taillefer has already a very precise idea of what should look like the QLP and what it will do to bring back the party of Jean Lesage and Robert Bourassa to its former glory, in order to regain power as soon as 2022, “because we’re going to be going strong and, because they’re going to be, again, inspirational.

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On October 1, accusing the worst defeat of its history, the QLP had to settle for 25 % support of the voters, and thirty seats.

This defeat, which is hard to collect, however, did not dampen its attractiveness to the policy. On the contrary.

His role as chairman of campaign he will have learned that he had “thick-tough enough” to make the policy. “I am able to face the music,” says one who had never encountered the policy before you agree to chair the campaign of a liberal, there a few months ago.

According to him, there is no doubt that the LIBERALS will not be able to return to power in 2022, without a “background work very, very solid and without a membership activist extremely strong”.

To do this, it will need to be seriously listening to its activist base, by organizing a “large brainstorming”, which would take the form of a series of forums in which members would be invited to shape the party of which they dream.

The party, he said, needs to reconnect with its base. Members need to feel that their ideas are being heard in high places, and he estimates that it took the “cold shower” of the 1st October to make this exercise possible.

The party must also adopt a program more social-democrat, mixing skillfully the measures of social and economic development, ” he adds.

Because “the economy nourishes the social progress and the social progress can not be able to feed the economy,” observes Mr. Taillefer.

“You should feel this pride in quebec-where in the speech from the liberal Party. It is necessary that this be true, it must be felt ”

Alexandre Taillefer

While remaining federalist, the QLP will also have to show a face much more nationalist, show themselves québecois first, ” he said. “You should feel this pride in quebec-where in the speech from the liberal Party. It is necessary that this be true, it must be felt” to reconnect with voters francophones.

The QLP will also take “a discourse much more convincing”, on the ecology, the culture, even as being well “the more ambitious economic plan”.

This great upheaval which could take “several years”, according to him, hence the importance of pushing back the maturity of the leadership race by the end of 2020.

Most importantly, the next leader must be able to generate “enthusiasm” of the population.

Inspired by Québec solidaire

In this regard, he noted that Québec solidaire was the only party to have managed to mobilize voters, particularly young people, to generate enthusiasm, to dream of “a society that is more just, more fair, more green”.

“We must draw on it”, is persuaded M. Taillefer, who is said to have never imagined to suffer a beating of such magnitude on the 1st of October.

“We expected an evening of very tight”, but never to such a wave, ” he recalls.

He attributes the disavowal mass of the population, mostly francophone, against the liberals, mainly to two things: the measures of austerity – or austerity – budget the first years of the mandate and the image of corruption that continues to stick to the QLP.

The idea of “change” that is needed, after more than 13 years of age on 15 of liberal government, had also worked their way through the population and worked against the liberals, analysis the one who now sees it as a simple militant.

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