Qatari ambassador at 2022 World Cup calls homosexuality 'mind damage'

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 Qatar's 2022 World Cup Ambassador called homosexuality

2022 World Cup Ambassador and former Qatar international footballer Khalid Salman addressed the issue of homosexuality, which is illegal in a conservative Muslim country, during an interview in Doha with the German channel ZDF.

“They have to accept our rules. This is – haram. I'm not a strict Muslim, but why is this haram? Because it's mind damage”, – Salman said.

After that, the interview was immediately interrupted. The World Cup organizers reportedly declined to comment on the matter.

Some footballers have raised concerns about the rights of fans attending the event, especially LGBT+ people and women whose rights are being discriminated against by human rights groups. in Qatari law.

“Obviously these comments are terrible,” – German Interior Minister Nancy Feiser, who visited Qatar a week ago, said on Tuesday.

Feiser said she received security guarantees from the Qatari interior minister and the prime minister, and that this relates to the protection of gay fans , as well as from possible racist or anti-Semitic attacks.

The organizers have repeatedly stated that everyone is welcome during the World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar — the first country in the Middle East to host the World Cup, but the small country has come under intense pressure in recent years due to its treatment of foreign workers and restrictive social laws.

The country's human rights situation has led to calls teams and officials to boycott the tournament.

The World Championship starts on November 20th. Qatar expects more than a million visitors from other countries.

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