“Qatar is a mistake” – former FIFA President

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Josef Blatter gave an interview to the Swiss media Tages-Anzeiger, in which he criticized the choice of the country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

too small a country. Football and the World Cup are too big for that”, – said the former football official.

“Choosing Qatar was a mistake. At that time, we agreed in the executive committee that Russia would host the World Cup in 2018, and the USA – in 2022. It would be a gesture of peace if two longtime political adversaries organized the World Cup one after the other”, – he revealed the details of the country selection.

However, he said that a week before the 2010 FIFA congress, Michel Platini (then UEFA president) called him and said that “the plan would not work”; .

Then French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited Platini to the Elysee Palace and asked “what can you and your UEFA colleagues do for Qatar when the World Cup is played.” As a result, the World Cup instead of the United States went to Qatar. In gratitude for the help, six months later, Qatar bought fighter jets from the French for $14.6 billion.

Earlier, the Sunday Times reported that Michel Platini was one of 50 people whose email was hacked because of criticism of the championship in Qatar .

Qatar – Muslim country and many of its customs go against the way football championships are usually held. So, beer will be sold in fan zones after 18:30, as well as before and after the match at stadiums. 500 ml will cost $13. Women will not be required to wear abayas, and men – fobs (long white shirts), but fans are advised to cover their shoulders and knees. In Qatar, it is considered inappropriate to wear accessories other than a wedding ring and a watch.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will take place from November 20 to December 18.

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