“Putin's youngest daughter is married to Zelensky”

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Well-known Russian journalist, former host of “Dozhd Ilya Shepelin published the love story of Putin's youngest daughter, Ekaterina Tikhonova.

Shepeli writes: “Putin's youngest daughter also got involved with some national traitor — foreign (!) artist (!!) Zelensky (!!)

True, this Zelensky is called Igor — the last 6 years he headed the Bavarian State Ballet. Spiegel and Important Stories wrote about Katerina Tikhonova-Putina's ties with him today, based on a bunch of joint air tickets and the fact that Igor Zelensky and Tikhonova are carrying a recently born girl with a middle name Igorevna

Western-oriented people like Zelensky have recently been called national traitors by Putin.

Shepelin's full investigation into Putin's connection with Zelensky has been published in Important Stories.

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