Putin’s twin showed up on the Crimean bridge: “video gave it away”

Двойник Путина засветился на Крымском мосту: "видео все выдало"

The man driving the truck didn’t resemble the Russian President

The situation around the Crimean bridge commented senior researcher of the Institute of water problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, mining engineer-hydrogeologist Yuri Medovar. He doubts that the media showed the truth about the opening ceremony of the crossing through the Kerch Strait.

The infrastructure was commissioned on 16 may 2018. The event was remembered by a personal visit of Vladimir Putin. As shown by Russian TV channels, Russian President personally sat behind the wheel of a “KAMAZ” and swept across the roadway along with the builders.

Двойник Путина засветился на Крымском мосту: "видео все выдало"

Yuri Medovar not sure Putin would agree to this adventure. According to him, the man driving well-known politician was recognized with difficulty. The scientist was confused by the overly round face. “Perhaps it was some kind of Udmurtia. Or one of the twins,” suggested the engineer.

The Russian expert believes that the authorities wouldn’t risk the life of the President. “When he arrives in a city — all drain hatches sealed. I’m afraid that the terrorists will get shot. And here is a bridge. Suddenly a missile shoot,” said the scientist.

It is not excluded that Vladimir Putin and his supporters feared Ukrainian saboteurs. Yuri Medovar called this version the most common. “We have a TV, by the way, in all seriousness say that “the Ukrainians wanted to blow up the bridge, and when they have failed to do this, staged the attack in the Kerch school,” said Yuri Medovar.

Двойник Путина засветился на Крымском мосту: "видео все выдало"

The engineer was also embarrassed by the final test of the bridge. It drove a few nephrogenic trucks. They moved in a staggered manner. According to experts, the builders tried to avoid a large load.

“How can I take the bridge after it drove a few Trucks? It was necessary, for example, tanks to put on it to make sure it will hold. But in the Crimea, preparing for the possibility that sooner or later will not survive,” — said Yuri Medovar, Recalling the launch in Crimea ferry terminal.

In addition, the scientist warned of the imminent destruction of the bridge. “I hope that no one will die,” said Medovar. Specialist indignant extremely unprofessional implementation of the project.

“They piles driven to a depth of only 55 metres. I’m not talking about that pile bridges can be built only on the rocks. But if you decide to build it on the clay, and the bottom of the Kerch Strait is maikopian clay, you learn.”

It is known that the cost of the Bridge amounts to around 250 billion. The money it would be possible to efficiently build several residential high-rise buildings, which could accommodate up to one hundred thousand young families. Or six stadiums like “Zenit — Arena”.

We will remind, the Crimean bridge, which began to break down, ridiculed in the network.

As reported Politeka, Putin ridiculous, disgraced, and Sands his tightly framed.

Politeka also wrote that Russia has declared an emergency alert due to the Crimean bridge.

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