Putin’s rating has reached a historic bottom: “the Russians rebelled against the regime of the Kremlin”

Рейтинг Путина достиг исторического дна: "россияне восстали против режима Кремля"

The rating of trust of citizens to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin have fallen to a record high

Over the past 15 years is the lowest level of trust to Putin.

This is stated on the website of the VTSIOM sociological center.

So we know that in late December Putin trusted 36,5% of the population, however, in the new year the rating fell more than 3% and 33.4%.

But the head of the Kremlin ranks first in trust among Russian politicians.

With Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu — the second place are conditional rating. His approval rating also fell from 16% in January to 13.7% in January.

Third place is held by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, his rating dropped from 11.7% to 9.3%.

Рейтинг Путина достиг исторического дна: "россияне восстали против режима Кремля"

Recall, from the memoirs of foreign Minister of Nazi Germany Ribbentrop Pact, you can learn how Hitler sought an Alliance with England and was genuinely distressed that this Union did not work.

About this in his blog writes Ukrainian journalist and blogger Alexei Panich and draws a parallel with the current President and chief diplomat of the Russian Federation:

“These arguments the most striking is that in their calculations Union with England, Ribbentrop and Hitler believe to be unshakable axiom, the complete lack of any respect for the rights and boundaries of weak States and small Nations. For Ribbentrop Pact is self-evident that Germany has the right to decide their own interests at the expense of its neighbors at least in Central and Eastern Europe, and possibly in the whole of continental Europe – and this should not stop her on a friendly basis to share the world with other large Imperial States, primarily with England”.

Рейтинг Путина достиг исторического дна: "россияне восстали против режима Кремля"

Oleksiy Panych writes, that in England someone could seriously consider this Imperial installation is unacceptable, just not Ribbentrop comes to mind:

“What about some poles? Opponents Germany to England just would not gain Reich, that’s all.”

According to the journalist, it is interesting that of all the fact that today Putin and Lavrov to detail to reproduce that same “noopolitics” the logic of Hitler-Ribbentrop Pact:

“Lebensraum im Krim, that is, “living space in the Crimea”, “natural zone of our vital interests”, “needs to protect itself from hostile unions,” but so sorry, so sorry that Russia cannot amicably agree with the strongest countries in the world and divide it between themselves at the expense of the weak. Assume that the end of Russia with Nazi Germany will be like, the only question is how fast.”

As previously reported, the notorious ex-MP “screwed up” the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin directly at a conference in Moscow.

This was reported by the political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

Рейтинг Путина достиг исторического дна: "россияне восстали против режима Кремля"

The daughter a top-the Manager “Rosneft” has committed suicide: rocking the details
In the world

“Oleg Tsaryov accidentally drunk crap “the main line of the party” for Ukraine during the press-conference in Moscow. “Ukraine will not fall. The situation is not as bad as it seems here,” he said.

But then, according to holomuzki, regional historian “came to himself”.

“Then of course he hastily began to bear ideologically configured heresy, they say, all the people of Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR felt Russian, brothers and so on,” — he stressed.

According to the analyst, for such “hack him home on pohmelye will not give”.

We will remind, Azarov treacherously attacked in Ukraine

As reported Politeka, the former regions laugh Ukrainians “arms of the state Department” in France

Also Politeka wrote that the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is no longer listed in Interpol’s databases

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