Putin's 'Personal Massage Therapist' Fled Russia, His Son Died Mysteriously 4 Days Later

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 Putin's “Personal massage therapist” fled Russia, and his son mysteriously died in 4 days

Billionaire Konstantin Goloshchapov, known as “Putin's personal massage therapist” and who had close ties to the Kremlin, fled Russia to Belarus in June in his son's BMW.

Four days later, his 29-year-old son Dmitry died under mysterious circumstances.

Unconfirmed Goloshchapov was warned that an embezzlement investigation had been launched against him and that searches were going to be carried out at his place soon.

close ties to the Kremlin, and knowledge of Putin's personal secrets.

Konstantin's current whereabouts are unknown, although he is believed to hold both Greek and Croatian passports and own real estate in Italy, Croatia and Finland.

The cause of death of his son, who was connected to the business transactions that were the subject of the investigation, is also unclear.

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