Putin’s father made his mother an invalid, the terrible truth is revealed: “Almost killed”

Отец Путина сделал его мать инвалидом, раскрыта страшная правда: «Чуть не убил»

The parents of Vladimir Putin were married under very strange circumstances, and his father was prone to aggression

This was stated by the editor of “Putinism” Artem Kruglov, who has been studying the little-known aspects of the biography of the current President of the Russian Federation.

He was able to learn that the father of Vladimir Putin was prone to aggression, and at the time of their fits of anger, never thought about the consequences. It is this feature at the time, and has brought him together with the mother of the Russian President.

As found by a journalist, Putin’s father came one day to his country-girl that he liked her when no one was home. The girl refused to let the man into the yard and then he grabbed a pitchfork and started to break down the gate.

Отец Путина сделал его мать инвалидом, раскрыта страшная правда: «Чуть не убил»

“And as it so happened, that at some point it through the hole in the fence hit her with a pitchfork in the eye. Almost killed, in short. The girl was taken to the hospital, inserted glass eyes, and relatives set a condition: and now, my dear, get married, and not write to declare in the police and you’ll go for ABH. So Putin’s father, married his mother…” — said Kruglov.

He added that the story the villagers parents Vladimir Putin told journalists 15 years ago.

Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “clean” Russia from the elements of the West. In particular, the Kremlin insists on the “Patriotic destruction” of the imported products. Inefficient innovation in the economy and the impact on the Russian on this occasion, writes the journalist Victor Kaspruk:

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Отец Путина сделал его мать инвалидом, раскрыта страшная правда: «Чуть не убил»

“The fact that Putin is ready to introduce further innovations in the Russian economy, has long been known. Therefore, Russia’s economy is always in a stable state of crisis. But most of his “achievement,” which touched literally all of the most vulnerable in Russian society was “Patriotic destruction” imported products “.

So we know that at the plenary session of the forum “Business Russia” in Moscow, Putin said:

“Sometimes from the point of view of the economy better something to put under the knife than just give it away. Strange as it sounds. Because it’s saving jobs, maintaining certain levels of profitability, pricing policies and so forth.”

We will remind, Putin stunned Russians with a new statement: “I’m tired, I’m leaving.”

As reported Politeka, Putin has made a catastrophic mistake by seizing the Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is wildly disgraced with the performance on camera.

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