Putin will pay dearly for its aggression: “lost Saint-Petersburg”

Путин дорого поплатится за свою агрессию: "потеряет Санкт-Петербург"

Russia may pay a price for its military aggression

The President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves has declared that in case of continuation of its military aggression, Russia could lose St.-Petersburg. According to him, Putin does not attack his country because the result will suffer significant losses.

Путин дорого поплатится за свою агрессию: "потеряет Санкт-Петербург"

After all, according to the standard NATO (article 5), the attack on one of the member States of the Alliance is equivalent to an attack on all States simultaneously.

Therefore, if the Kremlin wants to attack Estonia, Russia might lose a few cities.

“Of course, Russia can attack Estonia — but she may lose even the Omsk and Tomsk, not to mention St. Petersburg. They remember this,” said Ilves.

The former President also noted that Russia is holding a lot of the information war against the Baltic countries. He notes that many in the West fall under the influence of Russian propaganda narratives.

“Nowhere, of course, has not got a campaign to discredit my country, which has continued for 27 years. And in Ukraine, of course, know what was going on, because you have exactly the same problem from Russia with stories about the “Nazi” and “junta”. And that threat is really dangerous. In the West enough “useful idiots”, and still have a media that is picked up,” said Ilves.

However, the politician does not deny the possibility that Russia will change so that threats on its part will disappear.

“I do not believe that aggression is part of the genetic code of the Russians!” Ilves said.

Путин дорого поплатится за свою агрессию: "потеряет Санкт-Петербург"

Earlier it was reported that the Kremlin has threatened the destruction of present security, if NATO will continue the rapprochement with Ukraine and Georgia.

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This was stated by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the Board meeting of the military Department.

“More than two-fold increase in the scale and intensity of the exercises, participation in which is increasingly attracted outside NATO, Ukraine and Georgia. Such actions violate the existing security system in the world,” – said Shoigu.

Recall that Pakistan declared war on India: planes shot down, the threat of a nuclear explosion.

Yet it was reported that Lukashenka is tired and going to rest: “enough power.”

Also it was written that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for the admission of foreign military units on the territory of Ukraine.

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