Putin will “help” the lovers not to get pregnant: can use anyone

Путин будет «помогать» влюбленным не забеременеть: может воспользоваться любой желающий

Putin was depicted on French condoms

Recently in the network appeared the message that the Russian President has become the face for condom in France.

About it writes the edition Hyser.

Basil Savour added a picture with a condom, which shows Vladimir Putin. According to him, these condoms are sold in French pharmacies. The name of the Russian President in English means “SAPI”. It is the name printed on the contraceptives — the “Put in”.

Путин будет «помогать» влюбленным не забеременеть: может воспользоваться любой желающий

Naturally, this announcement caused a big stir in the network, users actively engaged to comment on the users of the Network.

“From the wrapper of a condom winks, a bald man, who as you know wears heels because it is very complex because of its growth”, “what is the perversion that is able to maintain an erection while using this condom?”, “While the French laugh at him, he has long made more dangerous surprises, And remember that on the Khreshchatyk would be a product with a “face” rigamoto Yanukovych. And then there was the Maidan, coincidence — I think not!!!”, “We need to ask those who used — Putin is a good condom?”, — write users.

Путин будет «помогать» влюбленным не забеременеть: может воспользоваться любой желающий

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The incident

As previously reported, in France, the authorities will start to give free condoms, however, old and small, will need a prescription from a doctor.

As the Minister of health Agnes Busan on radio France Inter, all citizens will be able to get condoms on prescription. Costs for the purchase of contraceptives will take over the state.

To implement this program, the authorities agreed with one of the producers, which Busen refused to name.

“Now, no matter young people or people who pose a risk, whether female or male, everyone will be able to go to the doctor and get a condom, wypisanie prescription,” — said the Minister.

She added that this procedure is aimed at combating the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

Add, scientists at Boston University have created the “condom of the future”, where we were able to solve the problem of insufficient lubrication which occurs when you use condoms.

Путин будет «помогать» влюбленным не забеременеть: может воспользоваться любой желающий

They have developed a coating reduces the coefficient of friction when in contact with water by hydrophilic polymers. With a new cover condoms more slip than usual, and not lose these properties over time. For their production, experts have used latex, which is coated with a mixture of a hydrophilic polymer.

The new product passed the test, which is covered by a hydrophilic polymer latex Ter about the polyurethane surface is covered with water, with a speed of 22 mm / second. The same test was subjected to ordinary latex, coated with a lubricant, water-based.

In the end we found out that the coefficient of friction between the latex coated with hydrophilic polymers and polyurethane surface during the experiment was 53 percent lower than normal latex, and is approximately equal to the ratio, which is achieved by friction of the lubricant is covered with latex.

Recall that sexologists called the seven factors affecting virility.

As reported Politeka, the network appeared the photo servile humiliating Putin youth: “running errands”.

Also Politeka wrote that the amazing find was discovered off the coast of France: “one hundred years of waiting in the wings”.

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