Putin was embarrassing with the plans of development of IT sphere in Russia

Путин оконфузился с планами развитию IT-сферы в России

A new reason for jokes.

The network has ridiculed the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about what Russia, where, for example, the share of foreign electronics civil communication satellites reaches 70 percent in five years to become a leader in the IT sphere.

“The President of Russia also decided to become a comedian” — said in comments to that statement.

Путин оконфузился с планами развитию IT-сферы в России

“Silicon valley doesn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.”

“Russia will become a leader in many areas, when in power, will not be bastards.”

“And the level of Informatization of the country have to be measured in hrmo/day, 3-4 chromo/day is considered normal.”

“I wonder who would be entrusted with such a responsible task, Chubais or academician Kadyrov?”

“In the five largest economies came in, now IT is possible to do…”.

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