Putin told soldiers' mothers horrors about genders and transformers

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 Putin told soldiers' mothers horrors about genders and transformers

Russian media publish the details of the conversation between the President of the Russian Federation and “soldiers' mothers”, selected from the highest officials and activists of the United Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers Western “dozens of genders” alien to Russian culture ; and "parents No. 1 and No. 2".

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it seemed to many of us that a sweet life would begin now, tomorrow we would live like in Paris or somewhere else, although Now it turns out that many do not want to live like in Paris. It was thought that it would be good there, but in fact the cultural code there is different,” Putin noted on Friday at a meeting with the mothers of servicemen – members of the NVO.

Separately, he noted that in the West “in in many places they don’t even know what “mother” is. "It's just parent number 1 and parent number 2. And genders are measured in dozens there. What, what kind of transformers are there, I don’t even understand what they are talking about. But it's not our culture at all, it's a completely different code,” the president is convinced.

He agreed with one of the participants in the meeting that during the NWO there is a struggle, including for spirituality. “We have a unique civilization, the union of people of different ethnic groups, different cultures and different religions into one single whole,” Putin concluded.

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