Putin spoke about the situation with Skripal and angered Ukrainians: “they Came like flies”

У Путина высказались о ситуации со Скрипалем и разгневали украинцев: «Налетели как мухи»

In the Internet ridiculed the speaker of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, who poignantly spoke about the situation with the former spy Sergei Skripal

She announced this on his page in the social network.

“Another example of “controlled leakage”. Another proof of a direct link between the British secret services and the media,” she said.

У Путина высказались о ситуации со Скрипалем и разгневали украинцев: «Налетели как мухи»

Note that previously the information appeared that the state poisoned “Newcomer” Russian spy Sergei Skripal deteriorated. Review Russian propagandist provoked an angry reaction from users.

“Thick as flies”, “the next exhaust after coke,” “and went to the bile through the tubes”, “British you will never forget,” “yeah, and in Russia, live “independent” media”, “hahaha, and who says that?” — they write.

As previously reported, the controversial British Cathedral in Salisbury, where last year the poisoning occurred Skrobala, hung the flag of Russia

On Sunday morning, February 17, at Salisbury Cathedral unknown hung a huge Russian tricolor. The flag was well visible from afar to the universal discontent of the citizens.

One of the locals posted a photo with the flag in social networks and signed it: “so the Russians came back.”

It still remains unknown who hung the flag. Staff Council holds that someone could get to the wall of the temple on the scaffolding.

It is known that the flag is already removed from the Cathedral.

In social networks immediately began to comment on the incident.

“This is another proof in the case Skrypalia”, “And we ought to hang in there and Mishkin Chapiha. Balls”, “No rest e*anuti”, “Putin’s punks time to prohibit use of the flag of the country, let hang the portrait of his crazed Putin, if had an attack ha*ISM”, “In Russia, for this sent to jail. Hang a German flag in Kaliningrad, or Ukrainian in the Crimea”, “Better be hanged this cotton faceless ha*but,” “D*is itching to Balaam,” write the users.

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У Путина высказались о ситуации со Скрипалем и разгневали украинцев: «Налетели как мухи»

We will remind, Russians mock Skrobala poisoning: “children can play Grushnikov”.

As reported Politeka, Skrypali ceased to leave on communication: I suspect the worst.

Also Politeka wrote that survivors of the “Newbie” told what happens to the body.

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