Putin ridiculed for “joke of the day”: “a complete Madhouse”

Путина высмеяли за «шутку дня»: «Дурдом полнейший»

Putin is increasingly becoming an object of ridicule in the network

This time he was embarrassed for his jokes during his message to the Federal Assembly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to officials, said that even the staff of the Supervisory departments do not know what is written in outdated regulatory basis of the control activities of the country.

Путина высмеяли за «шутку дня»: «Дурдом полнейший»

In particular, he said, “Tomes in some are thick like this, since Soviet times, “the times of Ochakovo and conquest of Crimea”. But not the fourteenth year mean! Since the nose before!”.

This review Kremlin pool journalist Dmitry Smirnov in his Twitter proudly called the “joke of the day”.

Journalist and Putin of Internet users arrived almost instantly.

“Ah, there it is, in the 14th year, the Crimea is conquered. Still something prior to this thought that there is people’s will was…”, “more nonsense”, “You call That joke of the day? Brad”, “Oh how funny. Well, Petrosyan is direct!”, “Madhouse is complete. Did not expect such statements from GDP. Apparently something went wrong. matter. GDP and knows the history of Ochakov. I doubt it. And the Soviet too,” “He still threatens finger”, “And the joke escapes in my top chart of the jokes from the PU… e*at”, “Millionaires in the audience could even stand up from such a sparkling humor and a standing ovation,” taunted commentators on tweet pseudo-journalist.

Путина высмеяли за «шутку дня»: «Дурдом полнейший»

As previously reported, this is not the only embarrassment for Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly.

Путина высмеяли за «шутку дня»: «Дурдом полнейший»

So, nescotech Smirnov cheerfully reported again on Twitter: “Mogherini: In the near future may be adopted new sanctions on Russia because of the events in the Kerch Strait. Vladimir Putin answered this a year ago: It would be nice if imposed all the sanctions that can, and as quickly as possible. It would play into our hands to protect our NAT.interests.”

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Users immediately reacted to the publication of the sycophant propagandist and noted that the audience lit up another new counterpart Putin, which can be distinguished by the swollen from operations face.

“You can always see the fire burning, water running and harahoritsya Putin, agraba new sanctions”, “can not do a new iron curtain to build. Here and wait” “ha ha Ha, another chatter”, “to bald cat felt for what he gets, he needs to cut a tail in parts. Tiny bits of it. While still periodically missing”, “He*mentioned…”, “This much a year ago, many spoke of, but good?”, “It is not Putin, but his double! Look at the swollen face from operations,” something Putin stout moon-faced… has become,” wrote commentators.

Recall that Putin is desperate: the vaunted s-400 missiles shamefully destroyed.

As reported Politeka, Putin is preparing a “gas blow” in Ukraine: “the loss of 2-3% of GDP.”

Politeka also wrote that Putin was amused by the discomfiture of the Russians and Lukashenko.

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