Putin ordered state concerns to create PMCs

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 Putin ordered state concerns to create PMCs

British investigative journalist Hristo Grozev writes that after the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the losses of Ukraine and intercepted five HIMARS against the backdrop of the retreat of the Russian occupation forces in the Kharkiv region, Russian propagandists began to openly resent the lie in public. Supporters of the Kremlin's policy suddenly began to publish information that was not flattering for Russia, exposing corrupt officials, mediocre soldiers and traitors.

his country completely.

The journalist's source in PMC Wagner admitted that the mercenaries were deceived and do not pay the promised salaries and bonuses. Nevertheless, Putin ordered every state corporation, including Gazprom, Rosatom and Rosneft, and each oligarch to create his own PMC for the “new stage in October.” It should be noted that according to the law of the Russian Federation, such private paramilitary structures are prohibited.

Now every Russian oligarch will have the opportunity to create his own “army”. and fight not with Ukraine, but with competitors. As a result, Russia risks plunging into times worse than the “dashing 90s”. ]

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