Putin notably potrollit new cartoon

Путина знатно потроллили новой карикатурой

New work of Sergey Elkina.

Cartoonist Sergei Elkin depicted for Radio Freedom, the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the results of the elections to the European Parliament. The paper was published in the Twitter the artist, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to news.liga.net.

The caricature of the press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, shows the master of the Kremlin infographic.

“Across Europe win Zelensky”, — “tells” it to Putin, referring to the electoral success of green parties and the earlier victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, which is may 21 took office and dissolved Parliament, immediately announced early elections.

Путина знатно потроллили новой карикатурой

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