Putin notably embarrassed, frightened child

Путин знатно оконфузился, напугав ребенка

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the hero of another embarrassment

This time Vladimir Putin disgraced himself during a visit to school programming, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Politico.

About this in his microblog on Twitter wrote an ordinary propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“Today, Vladimir Putin will attend school programming “School 21”, will hold a meeting on the development of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and will be awarded in the Kremlin, the order “Parent glory” large families,” reads the caption to the video.

Users with humor reacted to the publication and noted that even the child saw through the real nature of Vladimir Putin. Other commentators have wondered whether this time the President of the Russian Federation to shame, kissing strangers kids in the stomach.

“Poor children, is close to evil bald dwarf, this is a terrible blow to a child’s psyche”, “the Children cry… not a good sign!”, “I hope that the child was hosed down after X*yla and sprayed with Holy water,” “the Girl saw the wolf?”, “Why children in dresses? Uncomfortable in the belly kiss, ay-ay-ay” joke they are in the comments.

Путин знатно оконфузился, напугав ребенка

Путин знатно оконфузился, напугав ребенка

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