Putin made the tough warning: “Buried in the Black sea”

Путину сделали жесткое предупреждение: «Похоронят в Черном море»

Russia’s hopes for the retention of Maritime transport routes in the Baltic sea finally “buried”

This contributed to the emergence of the Polish Navy, the division’s coastal defense, equipped with anti-ship missiles NSM. This was stated by the Polish military expert Maximilian Stupid.

“NSM missiles with a range of 220 kilometers allow you to block the civil courts, heading towards Russia from the Baltic sea”, – quotes its words “RIA Novosti”.

Путину сделали жесткое предупреждение: «Похоронят в Черном море»

According to him, Polish the rocket will also complicate the task of fighting warships.

NSM (Naval Strike Missile) anti — ship missile developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and was accepted into service in 2007. Can be used on ground targets, you also have the aviation version of the missile. Poland in 2013 bought 12 launchers and 48 missiles, in December 2014, Warsaw, has ordered a second batch of launchers and missiles.

Note that lasted from November respite in sanctions that Russia gave the first midterm elections to Congress, and then the shutdown of the US government, comes to an end.

After 4-month pause, Congress returns to discuss new measures against Russia, which range from a ban on investments in public debt prior to disconnection of banks from the global dollar payments system. The first hearing in the new composition of Congress will be held on Tuesday, February 12, the Finance Committee of the house of representatives, follows from the announcement on the Agency’s website.

Their stated theme – “the Use of sanctions and economic governance in the context of U.S. national security and foreign policy challenges.” Although the Committee intends to consider all sanctioned countries, including Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, “special focus” will be in Russia, said in a Memorandum on the Committee’s website.

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We will remind, Putin prepared a crushing blow.

As he wrote Politeka, was previously named the main fear of Putin.

Politeka also wrote about how black week in Russia has hit the occupied Donbass.

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