Putin has disgraced the ski track: “Not restrained”

Путин опозорился на лыжной трассе: "Не сдержался"

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again lit up in the arms of minor children

As you know, the pictures were taken during a ski trip of Vladimir Putin with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Russian propagandists also claim that the ski resort is not blocked for other guests due to visit Putin and Lukashenko.

Путин опозорился на лыжной трассе: "Не сдержался"

“Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko tested the descent. Length — 1.3 km, this trail is of medium difficulty. Without good preparation it can not win. The descent is not closed to visitors, but because the usual skiers and snowboarders were surprised when they realized that together with the leaders of the two countries”, — said the promoters 1 channel.

Funny moment drew the attention of the political expert and blogger Alexei golobutsky, which in a familiar manner, made fun of Vladimir Putin.

“Again began to grope children, this time at a ski resort in Sochi. Well at least frost didn’t give to kiss tummies” — ironically, the political strategist wrote in his Facebook.

Путин опозорился на лыжной трассе: "Не сдержался"

Путин опозорился на лыжной трассе: "Не сдержался"

We previously reported that Vladimir Putin funny Russian visit to Kazan. About this Bravo has reported in his personal microblog on Twitter ordinary Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, continue to call themselves “journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

“Vladimir Putin today in Innopolis near Kazan will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, will meet with representatives of the public and the team “KAMAZ-master”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Users reacted with humour to the next PR of the Kremlin. Some commentators have suggested that Vladimir Putin continues to mindlessly spend budget money and time of other people.

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Recall that the double of Putin lit the Golden gate bridge.

As reported Politeka, Putin will “help” the lovers not to get pregnant.

Politeka also wrote that Putin could face the fate of Jeanne Friske, and reveals the dependence of the Russian President.

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