Putin has angered Russians chemical attack: “We are poisoned”

Путин разозлил россиян химической атакой: "Мы травимся"

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has once again become a laughing stock

This time Vladimir Putin was amused social media users coming to Kazan where also invited high-ranking regional officials.

About this Bravo has reported in his personal microblog on Twitter ordinary Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, continue to call themselves “journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

Путин разозлил россиян химической атакой: "Мы травимся"

“Vladimir Putin today in Innopolis near Kazan will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, will meet with representatives of the public and the team “KAMAZ-master”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Users reacted with humour to the next PR of the Kremlin. Some commentators have suggested that Vladimir Putin continues to mindlessly spend budget money and time of other people.

“Dima, empty city empty?”, “Again, empty talk, a waste. While crazy money and borrowed time”, “Tatarstan is still ours?”, “In villages where there is no gas and the “innovation economy on firewood,” he will call? By the way, even firewood soon, China will buy, then the whole forest goes there?!”, “And at this time we are poisoned, subjected to chemical attack. You know, we can’t even go out on the street. If any of you visited the Sibay, you’d be shocked,” they write in the comments under the post.

Путин разозлил россиян химической атакой: "Мы травимся"

Путин разозлил россиян химической атакой: "Мы травимся"

We previously reported that Vladimir Putin ridiculous disgraced in public relations. This time he is disgraced because of the statement on establishment in Russia of “hypersonic missile ground-based medium-range”, prompting the appearance of caustic comments and ridicule.

Users immediately responded to the posting and noticed that a new arms race will result in failure for Vladimir Putin and Russia in General.

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Recall that the double of Putin lit the Golden gate bridge.

As reported Politeka, Putin will “help” the lovers not to get pregnant.

Politeka also wrote that Putin could face the fate of Jeanne Friske, and reveals the dependence of the Russian President.

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