Putin disgraced with the stupid decision: “not only Cut off cable”

Путин опозорился с глупым решением: "Отрубят не только кабель"

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again became the object of ridicule in social networks

This time Vladimir Putin became the hero of the new cartoons, which presented popular cartoonist Sergei Elkin.

His “painting” was devoted to the controversial bill, which provides for possible disconnection of Internet on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Путин опозорился с глупым решением: "Отрубят не только кабель"

As you know, one of the followers of Vladimir Putin, namely Senator Klishas has prepared a bill to isolate the Internet in Russia.

The caricature is possible to see Vladimir Putin, who is hiding under the mask of the executioner. In the hands of the Russian President carries an axe and he is faced with a difficult question: “hack access “Runet” to the world wide web?”.

Users with humor reacted to a new cartoon by Sergei Elkin and suggested that “rubylike” in the face of Vladimir Putin’s faster to cut people than the authorities shut off the Internet.

“To cut or not to cut? That is the question”, “Campaign people will knock rubilsya”, “the axe is over 20 billion rubles,” “the Russians only TV Kiselev is a must watch. And then this rotten West can recruit, And how they hackers will be to get involved in politics around the world?”, — they are joking in the comments under the post Elkin.

Путин опозорился с глупым решением: "Отрубят не только кабель"

Путин опозорился с глупым решением: "Отрубят не только кабель"

We previously reported that Vladimir Putin ridiculous disgraced in public relations. This time he is disgraced because of the statement on establishment in Russia of “hypersonic missile ground-based medium-range”, prompting the appearance of caustic comments and ridicule.

Users immediately responded to the posting and noticed that a new arms race will result in failure for Vladimir Putin and Russia in General.

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Recall that the double of Putin lit the Golden gate bridge.

As reported Politeka, Putin will “help” the lovers not to get pregnant.

Politeka also wrote that Putin could face the fate of Jeanne Friske, and reveals the dependence of the Russian President.

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