Putin disgraced in front of the cameras: “Small bug but smelly!”

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

The Internet is once again made fun of Vladimir Putin

Recently Serbia was visited by the Russian President Putin.

The visit of the President of the aggressor country to the former Yugoslav Republic caused a furor in the country. He was greeted as a hero. On the streets of Belgrade was attended by tens of thousands of people who chanted in Serbian “Russiya, Russiya!”.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

But the visit of the head of state of the occupant are not treated so reverently. Rampant laughter and plenty of jokes have caused Internet users a picture of Putin, accompanied by the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic walks past a guard of honor.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

The photo is perfectly visible on the background of tall Serb, what the leader of the Federation of small growth. And the court photographers were unable in any way to “disguise”. After all, Vucic growth of almost 2 meters, and the growth of the Russian President – 1.7 m

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

The network noted real options Putin and remembered all his machinations with the growth.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

The commentators had a lot of fun: “Irreverent acting President of Serbia could and bent to follow the leader,” “He and bent above, Or in the splits”, “Cancer”, “On all fours” “And naikrashe — on-plastunskoe!”.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

“Louboutins’t wear that”, “Mal bug so smelly” “it is Time to land, get used to it”, “Your face when the Serbs were not dwarfs in the honor guard”, “Platform snaw”, “Pihaena. Prepared to enter Paradise”, “the Dirt is calling…”, – did not hesitate in expressions users.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

A gas pipeline exploded near the capital: “dozens of corpses, the fire from heaven”, footage of the tragedy
The incident

As previously reported, the Internet has ridiculed Putin and for bathing in Baptism. The corresponding photo published propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“Vladimir Putin plunged into the hole in the Baptism: in contrast to last year at this time presidential bathing was, in private,” said Smirnov.

“The conspiracy of senses”, “*contrib is not sinking, right. And the last time a farce staged at the expense of the heated”, “we had to dip in boiling water”, “conspicuous”, “sins of Putin has accumulated a not weak”, “washed away the sin of the pension reform, and without that little prick became even less,” wrote commentators in the network.

It was also reported that the rating of trust of citizens to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has fallen to a record high. Over the past 15 years is the lowest level of trust to Putin. This is stated on the website of the VTSIOM sociological center.

Путин опозорился перед камерами: «Мал клоп да вонюч»

It is known that in late December Putin trusted 36,5% of the population, however, in the new year the rating fell more than 3% and 33.4%. But the head of the Kremlin ranks first in trust among Russian politicians.

With Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu — the second place are conditional rating. His approval rating also fell from 16% in January to 13.7% in January.

Third place is held by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, his rating dropped from 11.7% to 9.3%.

Recall that Putin didn’t embarrass in front of cameras.

As reported Politeka, the student showed Putin’s plane from the inside.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin disgraced in a blatant lie live.

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