Putin demanded to give under the tribunal

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 Putin demanded to be court-martialed

Russian comedian and actress Tatyana Lazareva demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin be brought to trial.

She published a publication with a corresponding appeal on her Instagram on Russia Day.

“We no longer have a country, just as there is no flag that we were once proud of. But we have a new flag and many new countries where we live without losing our so-called national identity. Yes, we are from Russia, but we do not want and cannot return to a country that is waging an aggressive war at the moment, killing people, destroying cities and destroying the economy of two countries. Nobody is standing behind us, and this action was not organized by anyone – acquaintances and strangers simply gathered, who wanted to be together that day and thought about the future fate of Russia. And those who are sure that the people in these photographs were paid and bought by someone – in this way they only talk about their own thinking, which means they can only think like this – for money, selling and selling everything that can be sold, & ndash; wrote Lazareva, posting a photo from anti-war rallies.

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Posted by Tatiana Lazareva (@lazarevatut)

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