“Purple Night” returns

On December 2, Israel's cities will once again be filled with purple light on the occasion of the International Day for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Mifal HaPais, Municipalities, Local Regional Councils and Shavim Website are organizing another Purple Night in honor of the 1.5 million people with disabilities living in our country. This time in the center of the project & ndash; problems of their integration into the labor market. Purple Night 2021 aims to draw the attention of Israeli employers to the talents and abilities of these people.

Last year, Purple Night took place in Israel for the first time and with great success. More than 110 buildings across the country were highlighted in magenta. Among the buildings and structures involved in the project were Beit Ha-Nasi & ndash; residence of the President of Israel, & quot; Arena-Pais & quot; and the String Bridge in Jerusalem, the Kiriya Defense Ministry building complex, the Reading power plant and the Ferris wheel at Luna Park in Tel Aviv, universities, museums, bridges. Thanks to the media and social networks, about 2 million Israelis learned about the action and its meaning.

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This year, dozens of municipal buildings and possibly even some Israeli offices abroad will join the action. In addition, 150 Mifal HaPais stalls will be purple. all over the country.

Why is it so important to talk about employment?

Today Israel is home to approximately 800,000 people with disabilities of working age, but unfortunately less than half of them are employed. During the coronavirus crisis, unemployment in the sector increased, and in many cases, workers with disabilities were the first to lose their jobs. There are still many obstacles to employment. On the one hand, employers are afraid of accepting employees with disabilities, not only because of objective difficulties, but also often because of prejudices, and on the other hand, people themselves, for various reasons, refrain from applying for a job and remain outside the labor market. .

In Mifal Ha-Pais understood this problem, and from the beginning of 2021 they began to work to increase the share of workers with disabilities in the economy. For example, to the project “ Equal Employment '' managed to attract many companies that offered new jobs. Some of them, such as Microsoft and the Fattal hotel chain, have launched training courses for people with disabilities, followed by job placement.

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A training course will soon be launched for those interested in working in journalism and public relations. The best graduates will be able to integrate into the Israeli media market in order to succeed in influencing the disability community and Israeli society as a whole.

'Mifal ha-pais' invests a lot of resources in helping people with disabilities both nationally and locally. Along with supporting social projects and helping non-profit organizations working in this area throughout the country, Mifal HaPais provides thousands of scholarships to encourage volunteer work, with a focus on social rehabilitation and development of this population group.

Avigdor Yitzhaki, Chairman, Mifal HaPais: “ We pay great attention to the issues of integration, support and promotion of people with disabilities in Israel. This is one of the five main areas of activity of the organization in the social sphere. Since we were able to tell about two million people about this last year, we have done a thorough job and have come up with dozens of amazing events. Some are working, and some will be launched this year. The vast majority of these initiatives are aimed at bringing people with disabilities into the Israeli labor market. In my opinion, this is the real key to their full integration into society, strengthening their sense of their own worth and the ability to dream big. Today we say to these people: we are with you and we will continue to make efforts to improve the quality of your life and achieve full equality of opportunities in all areas, and in particular in the labor market. ”

Haim Bibas, Chairman of the Local Government Center and Mayor of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut: “I am delighted that we are continuing this important initiative. Today, more than ever, people understand how valuable it is to include people with disabilities in the labor market and in society as a whole. Each person is unique and strives to contribute to society, and we in local government support our residents in their desire to integrate into all areas of life. This is what will create a strong, cohesive and diverse society. ''

Idan Motola, editor of the Shavim website: “We are delighted to be part of this wonderful tradition for the second time. This year, the excitement is even greater, because there is a real opportunity to make changes not only in the minds of people, but also to really increase the number of people with disabilities in the labor market. Even when working on a website, you make sure every day that with the right approach, there is almost nothing that these people cannot do. Give them a job & ndash; and the results will not be slow to come. ”

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Shai Hajaj, chairman of the regional council of Merhavim:“ Society is measured by its attitude towards the weak and its concern for them. Unfortunately, we are still faced with an alienated attitude towards people with disabilities. Purple Night – part of the program to educate all citizens. We need people who are less fortunate to be able to empower themselves. As a result, everyone will benefit as our society becomes more sensitive, tolerant and stronger. ''

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