Purim to be!


One of the most beloved by adults and children, Purim is always celebrated in Israel on a grand scale. This is the “Zombie Parade”, and the days scheduled for schoolchildren and even office workers, – when to come to school or work in pajamas, and when in a Superman costume. This is laughter, festivities and a lot of joy. This year, Purim was not fun. But at the ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, after much deliberation, a very important decision was made.

The Museum has always had a tradition of celebrating all Jewish holidays thematically, excitingly and interestingly. So that they are remembered, so that events, history and legends literally come to life. Forming, immersing in the context, creating the right atmosphere and mood. Children have always been one of the main guests of most holidays in the Museum. The most grateful spectators and participants filling the ANU with energy, sincere emotions and joy.

Children should not suffer from war, decided at ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, so the children's Purim will take place. Everything will be in the best traditions of the holiday, everything will be in the concept of the victory of good over evil, with a carnival and obligatory “Aman's ears”.

Under the circumstances, the Museum will send 18 shekels from each ticket sold to the charitable organization – community center Migdal in Odessa. Why 18? 18 – the most important number in Judaism, denoting life, in Hebrew – hi. It is this number in gematria, the Jewish method of analyzing the meaning of a text based on the numerical values ​​of letters, that is associated with donations, and, by coincidence, is exactly 20% of the ticket price.

 Purim to be!

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For all newcomers to Israel from Ukraine, the entrance to the holiday is free, for all other guests – 78 shekels.

So, Purim at ANU will take place on March 17, Thursday, with the support of the Nadav Foundation. Guests are expected at the Museum at 11 am to start an exciting children's program at 11:30 am, created by our regular partners, the Jewish family camp “Jerusalem Tale”. The most important young guests will be able to attend workshops where they will create real Venetian masks, finger puppets for home performances, as well as hats, rattles and other things absolutely necessary for the carnival. Animation lovers will be able to try themselves as animators and then show the work to admiring parents.

At 12:30, a guided tour of the museum specially built for the younger generation will begin. No one will be bored, because at ANU, interactive exhibits make the exposition literally an amusement park that no child will refuse. After a short break with refreshments, the children will see the performance of the “Aleph” theater.

The holiday should remain a holiday, especially since it is Purim, when good and justice must surely overcome evil.

We are waiting for you at the ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, March 17, from 11:00 to 15:00 at the address: st. Klausner 15, Ramat Aviv.

Tickets: tickets.anumuseum.org.il/ru/show/437

Photo: ANU Museum

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