“Punch from hell”: Putin sounded the alarm because of the enormous threat to the United States details

"Удар из ада": У Путина забили тревогу из-за колоссальной угрозы США, детали

The Russian Federation is preparing for another devastating attack on the United States

This was stated by the authoritative economic analyst, specialist in the oil and gas market Mikhail Krutikhin in an interview.

According to him, the United States, first and foremost, a blow to the Russian ruble and financial system of the country.

"Удар из ада": У Путина забили тревогу из-за колоссальной угрозы США, детали

“This bill says the sanctions against the Russian sovereign debt and the Russian banking system” — no doubt Krutikhin.

According to economic analyst, in the US there is strong resistance to such sanctions, which is also called “sanctions from hell”, as a result of implementing them would be a blow not only in Russia but also in the global banking system.

“Bankers are not beneficial to the financial system, someone abruptly pulled. But if it happens suddenly, then it would be a huge blow to the ruble and the financial system of the country”, – says the expert.

According to the calculations of Mikhail Krutikhin, the United States can deliver a crushing blow to the Russian Federation in 2020.

“If all goes according to plan, until the end of March these sanctions should be carried out through the Senate, then they will approve the House of representatives, there will be amended. Then somewhere in August, both houses pass a law, it will be signed by the President. Then they made regulations. That is, these sanctions will be imposed only by 2020”, – concluded the expert in communicating with someone.

"Удар из ада": У Путина забили тревогу из-за колоссальной угрозы США, детали

Previously, we reported about the new plan of the West to Vladimir Putin.The Russian Federation today is in a much worse position than the Soviet Union because of the “needle” on which it was hoisted to the West. This was reported by the political analyst Sergei Taran.

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“Now Russia is in worse situation than the Soviet Union. Much worse. Because Russia is dependent on Western technology. Really dependent on technologies. They can’t even oil normally collect without Western technology, which was not, however, in the Soviet times. After the Soviet Union technologically dependent on the West. There was a time when the Soviet Union was even ahead of Western countries in the individual technology. For example, space technologies,” he said.

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