Pugacheva's grandson Nikita Presnyakov lives in the US and has no plans to return yet

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 Pugacheva's grandson Nikita Presnyakov lives in the US and has no plans to return yet

The last few months of 2022 were not easy for Nikita Presnyakov. Almost in one day, he was forced to leave everything he was doing in his homeland – a musical group and a theater in which he was a guest actor, and went abroad.

His wife Alena Krasnova temporarily stayed in Moscow, but recently flew to Hawaii, where her beloved husband was waiting for her. Now the couple spend a romantic vacation on the beach and, as before, share beautiful pictures together. The family is finally reunited after several months of separation.

From vacation, Nikita Presnyakov got in touch with subscribers for the first time in a long time. He said that he and his wife escaped to the sea, but even here work does not let him go.

“Recently, my clip-making field of activity has been very busy, so my brains have already moved out. I found the perfect option on how to have time to reboot during work: I will shoot a clip for the singer in this beauty. We arrived a couple of days earlier to look for locations for filming and see everything”, — explained Pugacheva's grandson.

For a long time the whereabouts of Kristina Orbakaite's eldest son remained a mystery. He left the country in September, rumored to have crossed the border with Estonia on foot.

Then it turned out that the star heir decided to wait out the difficult times in the United States. Across the ocean, Nikita's younger sister and stepfather also live.

Nikita Presnyakov does not intend to return to Russia in the near future.

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