Pugacheva underwent emergency heart surgery: Galkin revealed the truth

Пугачева перенесла экстренную операцию на сердце: Галкин раскрыл правду

Alla Pugacheva was in the hospital and underwent heart surgery

It is reported by several Russian media, citing its sources. According to them, on the eve of its 70th anniversary, the Russian pop Diva was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital.

It is reported that Alla Pugacheva came to the Institute of surgery named after Vishnevsky with complaints of pain in the chest area. Doctors conducted a survey and identified the singer of cardiac arrhythmias, which Pugacheva needed surgical intervention. According to journalists the operation was conducted by an experienced surgeon Bagrat Alekyan.

However later the news about the operation said the husband of Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, who said that no hospitalisation was not his wife feels good.

Пугачева перенесла экстренную операцию на сердце: Галкин раскрыл правду

“I don’t understand is, where do these rumors and gossip, maybe she went there for tests. This is absolute nonsense, we’re fine,” — said Galkin.

However, many fans of the Diva, his words not reassuring. People suspect that the star couple is simply hiding the truth about the problems of Alla Pugacheva health.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Alla Pugacheva not all the family was invited to their semidesyatiletiya, which will occur in April. She sent an invitation to his former satu Vladimir Presnyakov.

He stated that we are talking about the jubilee concert of the prima Donna, and if he doesn’t get a personal invitation from the singer, in any way try to get to her performances.

Пугачева перенесла экстренную операцию на сердце: Галкин раскрыл правду

Russian media reported that Presnyakov has a great relationship with his ex-mother-in-law. However, Alla Borisovna has not yet invited the former son-in-law to the concert. It is noted that the Presnyakov was married to the eldest daughter Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite. Vladimir and Kristina got married at a very young age, they had a son Nikita, but the marriage did not last long. Despite this, Presnyakov managed to maintain good relations with the former mother-in-law.

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According to some media reports, Presnyakov will be very difficult to get into the Kremlin Palace on April 17, because all the tickets were sold out in the early days. However, it is noted that a small portion of tickets is now in the hands of the dealers, but these tickets will be sold at 250000 rubles.

Recall, Pugachev took a fateful decision: “Sold”.

As he wrote Politeka, Vakarchuk told about the shooting Pugacheva and life without Russia.

Politeka also wrote that Gordon was stunned by the recognition of Pugacheva.

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